A New Day for Commissioning and Energy Management


Next year, CxEnergy will mark its fifth year with the 2018 edition scheduled April 23 through 26 in Las Vegas, NV. The event is unique in the industry with its focus on commissioning, energy management, and testing and balancing (TAB). These professions are also the focus of its three presenting organizations: the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), AABC Commissioning Group (ACG), and Energy Management Association (EMA).

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We sat down recently with the respective presidents of these groups, Michael Delcamp, TBE, CxA, EMP of National Precisionaire, LLC (AABC); Steven “Rusty” Ross, PE, CxA, EMP of SSRCx (ACG); and Robert Knoedler, PE, CxA, EMP of Hanson Professional Services Inc. (EMA) to discuss plans for CxEnergy 2018.

Could you explain the long history among these groups?

Mike Delcamp: AABC, ACG, and EMA share a related industry focus and history. AABC was founded in 1965 to raise the level of professionalism and technical proficiency in the testing and balancing industry. Independence is the cornerstone of AABC. Members are strictly prohibited from affiliations with mechanical contractors, design engineers, or equipment manufacturers. This policy prevents potential conflicts of interest and ensures that all members provide unbiased test and balance services. 

Over the years, building commissioning became increasingly a part of our industry. ACG was established in 2005 to better serve the growing commissioning community. The goal of ACG is to promote the advancement of independent building commissioning services through education, training, and certification of qualified independent commissioning companies. Today, it is home to the world’s largest group of certified independent commissioning providers—CxAs, or Certified Commissioning Authorities.

As was the case with the birth of ACG, market forces created a need for personnel to have additional training in a related field—in this case, energy management. ACG developed a commissioning-based energy management program in response to this need and The Energy Management Association (EMA) was created in 2014 to advance the quality of energy management services for the benefit of the building owner.

In 2014, these three groups debuted the CxEnergy Conference & Expo as an event that provides programming tailored to professionals in the fields of commissioning, energy management, and TAB. CxEnergy has since grown to nearly 550 attendees, provided literally thousands of continuing education units, and showcased the latest technologies through the always sold-out exhibit hall.

The CxEnergy Technical program is always a big draw. Can you give us a preview?

Steven “Rusty” Ross: CxEnergy 2018 will provide more topical, in-depth educational presentations than ever for commissioning, TAB, and energy management professionals. Attendees will earn AIA and other industry certification, continuing education credits for presentations that include case studies and topics in building envelope/enclosure commissioning, technology and innovation, energy management, commissioning specialty systems, policy and financial issues, lighting, water management, data centers, microgrids, energy storage, and more.

The 30+ speakers are well-known industry experts across all building science disciplines. The speakers represent companies and organizations including ASHRAE, Caesars Entertainment, Facebook, Hanson Professional Services, Jensen Hughes, Lutron, Schneider Electric, TLC Engineering for Architecture, WSP, and more. If you would like a preview, preliminary Technical Program is available here. Videos of CxEnergy 2017 technical sessions are available on ACG’s YouTube channel.

Attendees save 10% when they register with promo code ENERGY10. To register, visit www.CxEnergy.com.

What other offerings will each of your groups be providing at next year’s CxEnergy?

Mike Delcamp: AABC is hosting a pre-conference Test and Balance Seminar for CxAs, Engineers, and TAB Professionals on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. The presentations are expected to include flow hood and K Factor, kitchen hood testing smoke control verification, and pharmacy/VSC cabinets. These presentations will help commissioning providers, engineers, and test-and-balance professionals understand how key aspects of the test-and-balance process are carried out, why they are important, and what the results should be.

Steven “Rusty” Ross: ACG is hosting a CxA Workshop and Exam on Monday and Tuesday, April 23–24, 2018. This workshop covers all aspects of commissioning, ranging from project management to functional testing, and entails group breakout activities where attendees will use project case studies to develop and discuss samples of key commissioning deliverables.

Earlier this year, the CxA program achieved accreditation by ANSI and is also now a recognized certification by the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings® Workforce Guidelines program, ensuring that the CxA is considered an approved commissioning credential for all federally funded projects. The registration is $950, including an application and exam fee, and breakfast and lunch.

Bob Knoedler: EMA is hosting a Seminar and Exam for Energy Management Professional (EMP) on Monday and Tuesday, April 23–24, 2018. The EMP exam has been modified to align with the scheme contained in the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings® Workforce Guidelines. EMA is in the process of applying for recognition in the program for its EMP Certification, which is expected within a year.

What sort of products and services will be on display in the CxEnergy 2018 Expo Hall?

Bob Knoedler: Nearly 50 exhibitors will showcase a wide variety of products, including controls, commissioning software, energy management platforms, instruments, and metering devices. Several exhibitors will be promoting their services targeted specifically to commissioning, energy management, engineering, and testing firms. CxEnergy 2018 provides six hours of dedicated exhibit time with no competing technical sessions. Over half of the Expo Hall is already sold out and companies are encouraged to register to exhibit at www.CxEnergy.com. De Bug Web

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