California Craft Brewery is the First Customer of new EWaaS Program, Guaranteeing Energy and Water Savings


PTG is offering companies and municipal facilities a program PTG calls “Energy and Water as a Service”, or EWaaS™.

EWaaS is like solar industry purchase power agreements, only better. Under this program, PTG installs and maintains the water-energy systems for its customers at no cost. The customer receives guaranteed savings of up to 30% on both its water and energy bills. Unlike roof-top solar, PTG’s systems generate electricity and water savings 24/7.

EWaaS systems are custom-engineered for the unique needs of craft brewers, food processors and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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Applying the Principals of Cogeneration in Innovative Ways

PTG’s patented water-energy platform combines electrical and thermal storage with traditional cogeneration methods, resulting in super-efficient systems customized to solve customers’ unique challenges. In addition, PTG’s proprietary data-based customer dashboard drives further process improvements and additional savings.

PTG’s First EWaaS™ Customer

Having sold systems to both industrial and municipal customers, PTG recently partnered with a new customer, Smog City Brewing in Southern California, the first to take advantage of EWaaS.

Greg Ryan, CEO and co-founder of PTG elaborated on the technology: “EWaaS gives customers risk – free control over their energy and water resources, lowering their costs and ensuring supplies. PTG collects and shares crucial resource data with our customers, giving them the information they need to increase energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint. EWaaS provides a platform customers can build on, adding water recycling, renewable battery storage, thermal energy storage and other beneficial technologies. In short, we turn resource liabilities into valuable assets.”

About PTG Water & Energy
PTG Water & Energy specializes in integrating water and energy operations for its customers, creating platforms that reduce waste, cut costs, and ultimately deliver attractive returns on investment. This innovative approach drives operational cost savings of 50% and up to 60% ROI. In addition, the system platforms collect previously unobtainable data to deliver increased production efficiencies and predictive service analytics. PTG’s technologies are highly sustainable as they greatly increase the efficiency of resource use by reducing waste and supporting water reuse. This means less consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter (@PTGWaterEnergy) and Facebook.

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