Hubbell Control Soluti Fmt 300x196Hubbell Control Systems
The PowerHUBB platform is a combination of software and controls, luminaires, and infrastructure. It uses intelligent sensors, intuitive user interfaces, and scalable PoE technology to bring it all together. A PoE node acts as an intelligent lighting hub by receiving power and data from the network switch. This is then passed along downstream to daisy-chained device nodes. As light fixtures and devices are connected to the network, the node will automatically discover and report those devices back to the system for easy plug-and-play functionality.

Dent Fmt 206x300Dent Instruments
The PowerScout 48 HD Multi-Circuit Power Submeter is designed to monitor any combination of up to 48 single-phase or 16 three-phase electrical loads with a single meter. It will help you lower installation and commissioning costs while providing revenue-grade, ANSI 12.20-2010 Class 0.2 accuracy in a wide variety of large building environments including data centers, hospitals, campuses, retail centers, and industrial complexes that include services up to 600V/4000A. With Modbus & BACnet standard, the meter offers all-in-one field flexibility by combining many essential industry-standard features into a single device, making it an indispensable tool in nearly any permanent submetering application.

Robinson Enclosure De Fmt 300x200Robinson Custom Enclosures
Robinson Custom Enclosures—Where Custom is Always Standard

Robinson Custom Enclosures has the unique ability to provide its customers with comprehensive turnkey solutions for even the most complex structural and acoustic projects or specifications. They handle all facets of the project in-house, from mechanical and electrical engineering to fabrication and packaging, which controls quality, lead times, and your bottom line. No project is too big or too complex. Robinson is your single-source solution.

Homer Grid Screenshots Fmt 300x186Homer Grid
HOMER Grid is a robust and powerful new tool from HOMER Energy, built for optimizing the value of behind-the-meter distributed generation systems, especially when demand charges and energy arbitrage matter. The most flexible and sophisticated tool on the market, HOMER Grid helps you understand the value of demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, and self-consumption so you can design a system with the best rate of return.

Demonstrate the value of your behind-the-meter system with HOMER Grid’s powerful optimization and proven results.

Schneider Electric 23 Fmt 1 300x172Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor is a cloud-based, demand-side energy management software platform that allows users to collect, forecast, and automatically optimize the operation of distributed energy resources (DER) using predictive algorithms. Users can take control of their energy future by leveraging this easy-to-use tool to automatically, dynamically, and remotely manage DER. Powered by advanced predictive and learning algorithms, Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor automatically optimizes when end users should consume, produce, or store energy for the highest levels of performance, reliability, and cost savings. Learn more at our website listed below.

In Verde Fmt 3 300x220TECOGEN
Tecogen has an industry-leading reputation for delivering quality, technically superior products. The InVerde 100e+ offers 100 kW of high-quality power and free heat that can be used in your building. The INV-100e+ offers these state-of-the-art features and benefits: 33% electrical efficiency, backup power with grid-independent operation, rapid blackstart for Type 10 emergency power supply systems, superior part load performance with turndown to 10% load, low emissions (NOx/CO are SACAQMD-compliant and NJDEP-exempt), inverter-based (for streamlined utility interconnection), and microgrid-compatible with licensed CERTS power balancing control software.

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