Keltech Fmt 300x295Keltech
Bradley Corp.’s Keltech Tankless Water Heaters deliver instantaneous ANSI-required tepid water to emergency safety showers and eye/face washes. Drawing energy only when needed, these tankless water heaters are highly efficient and precise in supplying tepid water at a second’s notice even in extreme work environments. Installation is easy since only one electrical connection and a cold water line are needed, saving labor time and costs.

Designed for long-lasting performance, all models are precision-engineered with materials, such as copper tubing and robust brass castings, exceeding the standards of any application—even globally.

Fluke Fmt 300x188Fluke
The measurement, understanding, and reporting of power quality in distribution systems requires capturing large amounts of data and then spending hours to analyze and report. With powerful software that automates setup, analysis, and reporting, the Fluke 1740 Series Power Quality Loggers simplify the collecting and reporting of critical utility power quality trends.

The compact Fluke 1740 Series Power Quality Loggers are used for studying and monitoring utility power quality and demand to industry standards. They offer advanced data aggregation and analysis that saves time, reduces manpower, and eliminates errors associated with traditional data collection and reporting.

Logic Beach Fmt 300x221LogicBeach
The IntelliLogger is a rugged, standalone instrument for test- and long-term monitoring of remote assets including distributed generation equipment such as landfill gas-fueled generators, gensets, Co-Gen plants, photovoltaics, and more. Temperature, power, flow, humidity, rpm, Modbus, and more connect directly for simple field installation with LAN or cell modem connectivity for remote access.

With the intuitive and powerful HyperWare-II icon-based software, users quickly implement data acquisition, alarming, and reporting via email and FTP. If network connected, the IntelliLogger integral web page server supports status viewing and remote control with your browser.

Options include additional I/O, weatherproof housings, and more.

Aeroseal 1 Fmt 300x200Aeroseal
In 2011, Aeroseal announced its first aerosol-based duct sealing system, and the building industry hasn’t been the same since. In 2017, the company advanced the technology, making it the only viable, demolition-free means of effectively sealing leaky ventilation shafts and hard-to-access ductwork in both new and existing buildings. From the MetLife Building in Manhattan to the newly constructed Arzanah Medical Complex in Abu Dhabi, Aeroseal has been a building project saver, providing a fast, highly effective method for finding and sealing leaks throughout a building’s entire duct system. When a job is done, the computer-controlled system generates a report of results.

Shannon Insultech Logo Fmt 300x38Shannon
The reusable Shannon Heat Shield is a thin-wall solution protecting workers from hot surfaces, saving energy, and cutting heat loss by 75%. Shannon’s CAD- and CNC-produced designs exactly fit steam traps, manifolds, and more. Shannon’s specification standards meet every condition; its design library includes Armstrong, Spirax Sarco, and more. Once installed, workers can easily remove the Heat Shield, service an application, and reuse it because every shield includes a Velcro fastener, grommet for testing, and ID tag for asset management. Send us your steam trap survey or questions and we’ll show you how to save energy and boost safety.

Daikin Fmt 300x186Daikin Applied
With 40% of your building’s energy expenses tied to HVAC operations, building owners and managers need better visibility to their HVAC unit performance. Daikin’s Intelligent Equipment connects directly to your HVAC unit to monitor energy consumption at the equipment level for deeper, more accurate performance measurement. For less than it costs to run your smartphone, Intelligent Equipment provides direct access to 150 data points on rooftop units and 350 data points on air-cooled chillers, all in real time. No other solution gives you the freedom and control to monitor and manage your equipment as deeply, freely, accurately, and efficiently.

Schneider Electric 23 Fmt 300x182Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor is a cloud-based, demand-side energy management software platform that allows users to collect, forecast, and automatically optimize the operation of distributed energy resources (DER) using predictive algorithms. Users can take control of their energy future by leveraging this easy-to-use tool to automatically, dynamically, and remotely manage DER. Powered by advanced predictive and learning algorithms, Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor automatically optimizes when end-users should consume, produce, or store energy for the highest levels of performance, reliability, and cost savings. Learn more at our website listed below.

De Photo Fmt 300x187Robinson Custom Enclosures
Robinson Custom Enclosures has the unique ability to provide their customers with comprehensive turnkey solutions for even the most complex structural and acoustic projects or specifications. They handle all facets of the project in-house, from mechanical and electrical engineering to fabrication and packaging, which controls quality, lead times, and your bottom-line. No project is too big or too complex. Robinson is your single-source solution.

Danfoss Rev 6th 300x215Danfoss
Danfoss, the pioneer of oil-free magnetic bearing, variable-speed technology, has been named a winner in the prestigious 2018 AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the green building category for its Turbocor TTH/TGH high-lift compressors.

The new Danfoss Turbocor TTH/TGH high-lift compressors offer outstanding full- and partial-load efficiency, low vibration and sound, a small footprint, and reduced maintenance, while providing an expanded operating map suitable for high-lift applications like air-cooled chillers and heat recovery.

Miura Fmt 300x217Miura
At AHR 2018, Miura, the world’s largest steam boiler company with manufacturing facilities in Rockmart, GA, will showcase their unique “Full Steam in Less Than 5 Minutes” EX Gas/Oil Series High Pressure, and LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boilers. The EX-Series (available in 100 hp and in 50 hp increments up to 300 hp models) are the most versatile industrial steam boilers in the world. Their design minimizes carryover and produces 99+% dry saturated steam in less than five minutes from a cold start. The LX-Series (available in boilers from 50–300 hp) use natural gas or propane. Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-foot doorway, while their naturally low NOx ratings are as low as 9 ppm depending on model. See Miura at North Hall—Booth 2956, or visit our website listed below.

Com Ap Fmt 300x212ComAp
The InteliGen 200 joins the InteliLite and InteliNano NT product ranges to ensure that ComAp has a control solution for any industrial generator application.

Yaskawa Z1000 U 200x300Yaskawa America Inc.
Add significantly to your green initiative with the Yaskawa Z1000U HVAC Matrix Drive, the product that goes beyond conventional drives by combining excellent harmonic mitigation, input power factor control, and energy saving capabilities. The Z1000U provides low harmonic distortion in a space-saving design, along with the same HVAC-specific features as the standard Z1000. This single-component solution achieves excellent low distortion levels all by itself, without the need for additional countermeasures such as passive filters or multi-pulse arrangements. Unlike conventional drives, Yaskawa’s matrix technology creates a variable output by switching directly from the input power, eliminating the DC Bus.

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