Green Street Power Partners Transforms Massachusetts Landfill into Renewable Energy Farm


3 MW Community Solar Array Turns Otherwise Unusable Land into Renewable Energy for 400 Residents

Green Street Power Partners, LLC (GSPP), a national developer and financier of commercial solar, has completed construction on Taunton Municipal Light Plant’s (TMLP) first community solar farm, located on a landfill in Raynham, MA. The 3 MW system spans a 14-acre parcel and is expected to produce ~3,500,000 kWh annually.

“We are pleased to work with Green Street Power Partners on our first ever Community Solar project in Raynham. This is a wonderful benefit for both our customers and for the environment, which is our end goal with a project of this nature” said General Manager of TMLP, Kenneth Goulart. We are very happy to see the overwhelming response from our Raynham customers and look forward to other ‘green’ projects in the future.”

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TMLP will purchase one hundred percent of the power for its fully subscribed community solar program which is expected to begin in January of 2019. TMLP received applications for all 400 program slots in just two days.

“We’re taking land that can only be used for a dump and turning it into a renewable energy source for local residents, without interfering with the ongoing environmental management of the landfill” stated Lisa Raffin, Chief Investment Officer of GSPP. “We’re delighted that TMLP customers and the town of Raynham will see the benefits of this project over the next 30 years.”

Opportunities for repurposing a landfill are limited, but solar energy systems are an ideal option. The solar power generated offsets the landfill’s impact by significantly reducing carbon output in the surrounding area.

About TMLP
TMLP serves over 38,000 customers in Taunton, Raynham, Berkley, North Dighton and sections of Lakeville and Bridgewater. General Manager, Kenneth Goulart; Commissioners; Joseph Martin, Chairman, Mark Blackwell Sr., Secretary, Peter Corr

About Green Street Power Partners
Headquartered in Stamford, CT, GSPP finances, develops, owns and operates solar energy systems for businesses, schools, nonprofits and municipalities across the country. GSPP continues to experience rapid growth. As they expand their solar coverage, GSPP consistently provides the best available solar technology coupled with an unwavering commitment to customer service. For more information on GSPP, email or visit
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