Kohler Batteries Opt 1 300x189Kohler
Kohler is introducing a comprehensive lineup of high-performance batteries specifically designed for use in residential, commercial, and industrial power generators. The new Kohler Genuine Batteries are engineered to deliver optimal performance in generator applications, helping end-users to minimize the unplanned maintenance costs associated with battery underperformance and frequent replacement.

The new Kohler Genuine Batteries are available in three performance levels—standard-duty, optimum-duty, and heavy-duty. The standard-duty batteries are ideal for mobile generators and other smaller-sized units, the optimum-duty batteries are well suited to critical-starting applications, and the heavy-duty batteries are designed for extreme temperatures, high vibration, and frequent-use applications.

Hubbell Opt 300x196Hubbell
The PowerHUBB platform is a combination of software and controls, luminaires, and infrastructure. It uses intelligent sensors, intuitive user interfaces, and scalable PoE technology to bring it all together. A PoE node acts as an intelligent lighting hub by receiving power and data from the network switch. This is then passed along downstream to daisy-chained device nodes. As light fixtures and devices are connected to the network, the node will automatically discover and report those devices back to the system for easy plug-and-play functionality.

In Verde Opt 300x223Tecogen
Tecogen has an industry-leading reputation for delivering quality, technically superior products. The InVerde 100e+ offers 100 kW of high-quality power and free heat that can be used in your building. The INV-100e+ offers these state-of-the-art features and benefits: 33% electrical efficiency, backup power with grid-independent operation, rapid blackstart for Type 10 emergency power supply systems, superior part load performance with turndown to 10% load, low emissions (NOx/CO are SACAQMD-compliant and NJDEP-exempt), inverter-based (for streamlined utility interconnection), and microgrid-compatible with licensed CERTS power balancing control software.

Catepillar Showcase Pi Opt 300x203Caterpillar
The new Cat G3512H generator set is the third of the H-Series available for operation on natural gas. It is offered at 1500 kWe power output at 50 Hz and 60 Hz for use in facilities such as hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants, and greenhouses as well as in distributed generation power plants by electric utilities.

The G3512H features improved electrical efficiency and decreased maintenance and oil consumption. The new model facilitates maximum performance on pipeline natural gas. The major overhaul period is 80,000 hours with an in-frame maintenance interval at 40,000 hours.

Z1000 U 200x300Yaskawa America Inc.
Add significantly to your green initiative with the Yaskawa Z1000U HVAC Matrix Drive, the product that goes beyond conventional drives by combining excellent harmonic mitigation, input power factor control, and energy saving capabilities. The Z1000U provides low harmonic distortion in a space-saving design, along with the same HVAC-specific features as the standard Z1000. This single-component solution achieves excellent low distortion levels all by itself, without the need for additional countermeasures such as passive filters or multi-pulse arrangements. Unlike conventional drives, Yaskawa’s matrix technology creates a variable output by switching directly from the input power, eliminating the DC Bus.

Com Ap Opt 300x212ComAp
The InteliGen 200 joins the InteliLite and InteliNano NT product ranges to ensure ComAp has a control solution for any industrial generator application.

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