SDMyers Offers Training to Increase Electric Power IQ Concerning High-Voltage Equipment

Electric power reliability essential to operations

Recently, SDMyers announced the renaming of its training division from Training & Education to Electric Power IQ to reflect the evolution from generic transformer training and education to an emphasis on electric power reliability. The company offers a comprehensive range of transformer management training that covers the basics all the way through programs that certify experts.

With the new name has come additional course offerings, including scheduled trainings at its facility, online courses and custom onsite courses throughout the world. These courses also earn continuing education units (CEU), professional development hours (PDH), and NETA continuing technical development (CTD) credits.

For a full list of available courses, the course catalog is available here. Through these courses, attendees gain hands-on experience in how to identify and resolve issues, minimize downtime, plan operations, and reduce risk.

About SDMyers
Known as transformer reliability experts, SDMyers is committed to protecting critical electric power assets. With 50+ years of extensive experience, including more than 500,000 serviced transformers – from cabinet and small distribution to large GSUs – more than 1 billion gallons of serviced dielectric fluid and millions of test results, we have built our business of reducing risk. How? By improving transformer longevity. In fact, a vast knowledge of transformer health, the implementation of the right tools and our world-class training programs have led SDMyers to develop Intelligent Transformer Management, a maintenance philosophy that ensures measurable and sustainable transformer reliability.

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