Scale Microgrid Solutions Leverages Schneider Electric Technology to Launch New Microgrid Solution to Mitigate Impact of Public Safety Power Shutoffs During Wildfire Season

Platform delivers resilient, sustainable, and affordable power to municipalities, public safety, commercial and industrial facilities

  • Scale launches the Rapid Response Modular Microgrid (R2M2), an on-site power generation solution that increases the availability and scalability of distributed energy resources

Scale Microgrid Solutions, a technology company focused on developing sustainable, on-site energy solutions for mission critical facilities working with Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and, today launched the Rapid Response Modular Microgrid (R2M2). The R2M2 is a modular and scalable microgrid designed to deliver resilience, sustainable and affordable power to combat the life safety and business continuity impact of outages as a result of severe weather and other natural disasters, such as wildfire season in California.

Electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure have been responsible for igniting a significant percentage of California’s recent devastating wildfires. Consequently, state utilities have proposed drastically increasing the quantity and duration of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) as part of their wildfire mitigation plans. While increasing PSPS is a necessary measure, the critical infrastructure is not equipped to support life safety and business continuity concerns surrounding routine PSPS events. Additionally, California’s economy, largely driven by digital technology companies, is not built to withstand multiple long-duration electric outages, which are expected to last two to five days on average. 

“The planned Public Power Safety Shutoffs represent a necessary solution born out of the limitations of our current electricity infrastructure,” said Ryan Goodman, CEO and Co-founder, Scale Microgrid Solutions. “Microgrid technology has advanced to where we can offer local access to secure and flexible power to help businesses and communities gain more control over the availability of electricity for their operations. We’re excited to work with Schneider Electric, with their technology, legacy expertise and leadership in this space, to offer this unique product when California, and other regions impacted by natural disasters, need it most.”

The R2M2 provides a simple solution for this complex problem. It utilizes commercially available technology that can deliver sustainable resilience to facilities across the state more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional solutions. 

Leveraging Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture, the R2M2 features Schneider Electric’s Energy Control Center (ECC) – an onsite power control center that allows customers to simplify and optimize the integration of distributed energy resources. Integrated with Energy Control Center is Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor (EMA), a cloud-based, demand-side management platform. The combination of ECC and EMA adds to the scalability of the R2M2, allowing customers to expand DER over time, even after installation, while the advanced controls enhance flexibility to optimize power management. In addition, Schneider Electric’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) allows the host facility to operate at up to 100 percent of peak electric demand for an extended duration.

The Rapid Response Modular Microgrid (R2M2) further addresses the timeframe, cost and scalability concerns of some legacy microgrid systems:

  • It can be installed in 9 months on average, 65 percent faster than the industry standard
  • It is up to 30 percent less expensive than typical microgrid solutions, making it affordable for most C&I customers in California
  • It alleviates the need for custom design and engineering, rendering scalability feasible
  • It Is installed fully behind the meter, eliminating the need for a utility distribution system
  • It can be deployed through Scale Microgrid’s Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) financing model to enable customers to get the benefits of the microgrid without upfront capital outlay

Additionally, unlike diesel generators, there is no on-site fuel storage requirements to use R2M2 and performance of the system is not dependent on fuel-supply logistics. 

“In the lead up to wildfire season, the industry needs to drive new solutions that can mitigate the life safety and business continuity issues expected by extended electricity shutoffs, as well as offer additional value-added services throughout the year,” said Don Wingate, Vice President, Utility and Microgrid Solutions, Schneider Electric. “We believe the R2M2 solves this immediate issue and are pleased to provide technology components that contribute to address this important public safety issue. This offer adds to our commitment to our stakeholders in California and beyond to provide affordable, sustainable and attractive solution that can become a key component of any long-term energy strategy.”

The R2M2 is available now for customers nationwide. The launch of the R2M2 builds on Scale Microgrid Solutions and Schneider Electric’s partnership to bring innovative microgrid solutions to commercial and industrial companies, such as Bowery Farming. For more information about the R2M2, please visit

As part of its larger commitment to driving more sustainable and resilient power in California, Schneider Electric has commissioned new analysis on California’s grid infrastructure in partnership with Navigant Research. For more information, please visit:

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