CleanSpark Adds Proprietary Energy Storage Equipment Software Integration

To provide the vendor’s internal and external sales teams a tool that will model only their solution

Clean Spark

CleanSpark Inc., a microgrid company with advanced engineering, software and controls for innovative distributed energy resource management systems, today announced the addition of advanced, multi-year modeling of energy storage equipment to its Microgrid Value Stream Optimizer (mVSO) modeling solution.

mVSO’s proprietary microgrid optimization logic has been extended to model detailed vendor specific operating characteristics over full project lifetimes for a variety of energy storage solutions. This advanced modeling provides the foundation to incorporate specific energy storage solutions across a variety of industry-leading vendors as equipment options within mVSO.

Amanda Kabak, CleanSpark’s CTO and principal software architect stated, “The latest iteration of our software significantly enhances our software’s capabilities to deliver accurate and optimized microgrid performance models to our customers. While other solutions may use only generalized energy storage performance metrics to project energy storage needs for microgrid applications. This latest release of our software will enable the integration of energy-storage models across specific vendors. This goes well beyond merely ingesting specifications available on public websites. For each energy storage performance model to be released to our Customers within mVSO, CleanSpark’s engineers will review and validate vendor and product specific detailed operating performance characteristics, costs, overall vendor ecosystem and company health. As a result, users of mVSO can be sure that the performance and pricing information within the system has been rigorously reviewed to ensure it is accurate, complete, up-to-date, and that all equipment will integrate well in a CleanSpark-controlled microgrid to provide optimal economics and performance.”

Kabak continued, “One of the biggest challenges in modeling a microgrid is accurately modeling the specific operating performance of the various components. mVSO’s unique optimization approach enables customers to select a number of different vendors and energy storage solutions and apply them to a single project in order to identify the specific energy storage equipment that will produce the optimal result when paired with solar and taking into account a project’s location, utility interconnection, and specific energy use profile. To be guided to the specific storage model and sizing that is right for a project eliminates the time and guesswork most other modeling solutions require.”

Zach Bradford, CleanSpark’s CEO and president further stated, “Because mVSO will allow customers to model vendor specific product performance we expect this release to not only enhance the user experience, but also attract additional channel partners expanding our reach and selling network. Often an energy system is a multi-million-dollar investment decision and we want to provide our customers the most accurate data available in the market. This release will allow customers to compare multiple vendors costs and performance under project specific parameters enhancing their ability to make sound decisions based upon accurately modeled system performance and costs to determine savings that may be derived from the final system. In addition, we will also offer a white label solution to interested vendors. The white label solution will provide the vendor’s internal and external sales teams a tool that will model only their solution thereby enhancing their ability to quickly create customer proposals.” 


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