Meridian and Garage Project Launch Turbine Beer to Celebrate Renewable Energy

Energy never tasted so good

Meridian 4

Believe it or not, energy is a vital ingredient in beer — it heats the brewing water, runs the mill, brew house, chilling and pumps and packaging lines. 

Garage Project's choices around the energy company they partner with and how they generate electricity have never been more important. 

In the windiest city in the world, in the shadow of Wellington's iconic Brooklyn turbine, it was a natural choice for Garage Project to partner with Meridian, who only produce electricity from 100% renewable resources, including from the Brooklyn Turbine itself. 

Meridian 2Turbine™ Pale Ale is a fresh spin on a traditional style and celebrates a new partnership giving Garage Project the power to brew in a more sustainable way. Brewed with a bright golden, juicy malt base, balanced with thirst quenching bitterness and bursting with citrus and tropical hop character. Meridan 1

The collaboration between Garage Project brewery and Meridian, New Zealand's largest renewable electricity generator, marks the first time a certified renewable energy product has been made available in New Zealand providing Garage Project with a clear means to recognize and celebrate its preference for renewable electricity generation. 

Michael Healy, CMO Meridian said: "There has been strong demand for certified renewable energy for some time. As New Zealand's largest renewable energy generator it's only natural we find ways to make this happen." 

Meridian 3The renewable energy certificate provided by NZECS allows consumers of electricity to purchase certification for the particular type and volume of electricity generation they value. So while Garage Project's brewery isn't directly plugged into the turbine, the electricity used is matched on an annual basis with 100% renewable energy generated from Meridian's Brooklyn Turbine. 

The NZECS performs a number of key activities ranging from the audit of a power generation facility, to the issue of a certificate against a unit of generation, to the transfer and redemption of this certificate against an energy user’s actual consumption. In addition to this, the NZECS measures all certificates against all supplied electricity, to make sure that nothing is being counted twice.

Using the system, businesses can purchase grid-supplied electricity for your business along with certificates related to generation facilities, to certify that their consumption is matched by a particular type of generation.

Having an understanding of how electricity is generated allows consumers to consider the environmental impact of electricity generation, enabling them to make an active choice to which generator to partner with. 

Garage Project co-founder, Jos Ruffell, says they're proud to be the first to use Meridian's certified renewable energy mark made possible by Meridian's participation in the NZECS. 

"It's important to set an example and show you can be in business and do your bit for sustainability too. We can brew the beer we love, be sustainable, and celebrate Wellington, the city we love. Turbine™ Pale Ale is all of these things." 

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