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Now you can save the planet and your energy bill

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Outlawing plastic bags and cutting back on your plastic straw/cutlery use are proactive ways to do your part in saving the plant but making an actual reduction in your carbon footprint starts with altering your energy usage. Granted, the sea turtles will thank you, but it’s not going to help lower your energy bills. Kermit

Thanks to a new online energy services platform from Washington, D.C.-based Arcadia Power, us average Joes can access available renewable energy. The company gets compensated every time it matches a customer to a clean energy provider. 

How does it work? The innovative businesses model, allows homeowners and renters to finally take part in the clean energy movement.  Arcadia connects you to local community solar projects and purchase renewable energy certificates from wind farms on your behalf. They then actively track the market and negotiate lower electricity rates so you can spend less on your utility bill. Your utility sends them your electricity bill instead. You’ll know what your utility charge is, how much you’ve saved, and how much clean energy you’ve helped generate. No changes to your energy service, just a more sustainable bill — and no credit card fees. According to Arcadia Power’s CEO and Founder Kiran Bhatraju, the company saves customers 5% to 25% on their bills. 

So, some backstory here. Bhatraju grew up in Appalachia. The coal industry impacted the lives of everyone around him. He wanted there to be a better way to power homes and believed that if individuals could choose clean energy they would. Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Kermit the Frog may have bemoaned about how "It's not easy being green," but that’s no longer the case for us consumers when it comes to renewable energy and taking charge of our energy bill.  


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