Knobelsdorff Electric Inc. Announces New Name and Divisions

Three new divisions — Electric, Engineering, and Energy

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Knobelsdorff Electric Inc. is pleased to announce it is now Knobelsdorff Enterprises. The company has expanded existing services into three divisions —Knobelsdorff Electric, Knobelsdorff Engineering, and Knobelsdorff Energy — under the parent company, Knobelsdorff Enterprises. Knobelsdoff is still one united team doing things the #KEway, but working under three different divisions to allow our specialty services to be better understood by all.

"It just makes sense," said Karl von Knobelsdorff, CEO of Knobelsdorff Enterprises, Inc. "People know us for electrical, but our work has evolved into so much more than that—we want our brand to show it."

Knobelsdorff Enterprise will house three divisions:

The Knobelsdorff team takes pride in being industry innovators and aims to adopt the latest techniques to grow expertise and serve partners and customers.

Knobelsdorff added, "Our team has the horsepower and brainpower to tackle even the most extreme projects. So, it's exciting to bring even more clarity to our team's capabilities and expertise within each division [Electrical, Engineering, and Energy]."

The Knobelsdorff Enterprises team is known for being hands-on problem solvers who enjoy learning new skills and growing their capabilities. Anyone interested in joining the Electrical, Engineering, or Energy teams can learn more here

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