Legend Power Systems’ Enhanced SmartGATE Platform Transforms the Electrical Room

Addresses the additional major building challenges caused by poor power quality

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Legend Power Systems

Legend Power® Systems (TSX-V: LPS), a global leader in onsite power management technology, is taking the next step in analyzing and improving building power quality with its next version of the company’s patented SmartGATE™ technology. Leveraging its energy efficiency expertise and heritage of customer-driven, continuous innovation, Legend is finalizing the release of a significant enhancement to its leading SmartGATE system. The updated product is scheduled for release in stages beginning November 15, 2019.

Designed as an enterprise solution, the SmartGATE platform addresses the additional major building challenges caused by poor power quality. The enhanced SmartGATE platform will transform commercial building power management by providing a single platform that analyzes the voltage coming into a building, then identifies and corrects or mitigates common building power quality challenges.

While building engineering and operations personnel have long been aware of the risks and waste of poor power quality entering unprotected buildings, available solutions were either too large to fit in a commercial building’s electrical room or too costly. Legend’s breakthrough technology is the only solution with a compact footprint that fits in the electrical room, and at a much lower cost than industrial systems. In addition, because of the sophisticated technology involved, (unlike large-scale systems that consume as much as five percent more power while they assess), SmartGATE saves that much, or more, while fixing the most important elements of power quality.

“The enhanced SmartGATE platform leads with industry-grade metering and analytics that analyze 38 power quality parameters, so the system knows exactly what to correct,” said Legend Power CEO Randy Buchamer. “SmartGATE’s combined proprietary intelligence and control technology then manages the actual power corrections in real-time via electronic switching and an extremely efficient auto-transformer. It will be the single biggest transformation to the electrical room in decades.”

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